Beginners 1

₹12,000/US$250 for 25-30 hours

Beginners 2

₹20,000/US$400 for 35-40 hour

Customized Classes

Reach out for more details!

Intermediate 1

₹30,000/US$600 for 60-65 hours

Fun With Java

₹3000/US$50 for 18 hours

Conversational Marathi

Level 1: ₹2500/US$40 for 10 hours.

Level 2:  ₹4500/US$70 for 15 hours.

Fun With Python

₹3000/US$50 for 18 hours

*The fee depends on the mode of payment. If you pay via. Razorpay, you are welcome to pay the Indian rates. For PayPal, international charges will apply.