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Mandarin with Anantika is an initiative run by Anantika Mehra. It started off in April 2020, as a response to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus lockdowns. What started off as a series of introductory classes slowly mushroomed into a full fledged business. Today, we can boast of having coached more than 200 students through HSK 1, 2 or 3 prep courses, and over 25 batches successfully completed. If you are a beginner and want a place to safely explore, and then take off, you’re at the right place!

Don’t hesitate to join us in this fascinating journey!

Our Team

Anantika Mehra


Anantika Mehra is our founder and lead instructor. She went to Hong Kong to study Engineering, and fell in love with Mandarin instead. Ever since this, she has been learning Mandarin, and teaching it! Other than teaching and managing Mandarin with Anantika, she is also a dancer, singer, writer, editor, and aspiring polyglot. 

Shalmali Kunte

Mandarin & Marathi Teacher
Company Backbone

Shalmali Kunte is a language enthusiast, Law student, actor, poet and vocalist. She started learning Mandarin Chinese at the age of nineteen when she found herself deeply fascinated by the Chinese characters.

She is currently working with ‘Mandarin with Anantika’ as a teacher, contributor to curriculum development, content designing, and strategy. She teaches Mandarin, Marathi and kids. She looks forward to working in the field of teaching, training, translation, interpretation and research. 

Elena Cen

Mandarin and Cantonese Teacher

Elena Cen Jiaxian is a Mandarin and Cantonese teacher from Guangzhou. She is a native speaker of Mandarin and Cantonese. She loves backpacking, and has traveled to many countries and cities. She loves traveling because she wants to make new friends and learn about foreign cultures. She also likes reading books, writing articles and doing exercise. She’s here to help you get rid of all your inhibitions and get you speaking fluently in no time!


Dr. Raina Mehra

Computer Teacher

Dr. Raina Mehra is a computer expert, trained biochemist and yoga lover. She enjoys teaching programming logic through C++, Java and now Python too. She would have loved to call the program Time-Pass with Java/Python because programming is something you do at leisure. She has an illustrious 25+ years of teaching experience in various colleges and schools across Mumbai.

Yashvardhan Verma

Chief Everything Officer

Yashvardhan is a Geophysics PhD student at Monash Academy at IIT Bombay. When not researching, he volunteers at a local NGO, designing physics curriculum and teaching senior school students. He is responsible for handling all the administrative, logistical, and back end support at Mandarin with Anantika. 

Portrait of yashvardhan

Aman Deshmukh

Design Wizard

Aman Deshmukh is a photographer and experimenter of all things design and typography. He loves F1, taking long walks and complicating simple conversations with redundant, often unnecessarily tedious vocabulary. He loves having everyone on the same page, and is responsible for all the popping colour that you see in the pages of this website.

Mansi Naik

Japanese Teacher (JLPT)
Founder: Nekuomi (Sea of Cats)

Mansi can be defined by 3 C’s: Cats, Coffee, and Curiosity. She started learning Japanese at the age of 13, with the simple goal of watching anime without subtitles, but unexpectedly grew to love the country, culture and the language of Japan. Her aim is to make language learning easy and accessible for everyone. She is also well versed in Japanese Braille, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and French. Apart from reading and writing, she likes to swim, cook, bake and meddle with graphic design.

Sarah Zia

French Teacher

Sarah Zia is a journalist, researcher and language enthusiast. She has been teaching French for the last ten years and is currently (trying to) learn Mandarin. She enjoys trying grammar exercises and looking up Instagram reels by language teachers who share fun slang that one wouldn’t find in a language textbook. She is very good at making her students turn in their homework, a skill we all aspire to learn from her.

Pallavi Pillai

Japanese & Korean Teacher

Pallavi is an avid and enthusiastic language learner and trainer.
Interest in East Asian history and culture led her to pursue Asia Pacific Studies in Japan. There, she not only learnt the language, but experienced that languages can open whole new worlds.
Since then she has been pursuing her interests in learning languages, language training, and socio-linguistics.
Currently, she is an English, Japanese and Korean trainer. She is also a content writer and blogger, and aspires to get a Ph.D. in Asian Studies one day.