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Anantika Mehra

Anantika Mehra is a Mandarin language trainer, social scientist, and dancer.

She was first introduced to Mandarin when she went to Hong Kong for her undergraduate degree (in engineering, of course), and fell in love with the language. There is a popular joke that goes “The best way to learn a foreign language is to spend a couple of months drinking with the locals”. She has done four years of that, and understands the language in its cultural context. She continued studying Mandarin after her graduation, and held a teaching position for a year at a private institution in Mumbai. She left the position to pursue an M.A. in Gender Studies, and decided to resume teaching Mandarin Chinese in the beginning of 2020.

At the start of the pandemic, Anantika hosted introductory workshops online. These proved to be extremely successful, transforming into full-fledged HSK1 and 2 prep courses, which over twenty batches of students have completed. Anantika’s approach to teaching has proven quite effective in familiarizing absolute beginners with the language and giving them the tools to advance further their understanding and interest in it.

Why Learn Mandarin?

There are many (correct) answers to this question.

Mandarin is spoken by over 1.3 billion people. It is the most spoken language in the world.

Mandarin grammar is relatively easy.

Mandarin is a logographic language, which means that it uses characters instead of letters.

Our favourite answer, though, is that Mandarin is an incredibly beautiful ancient yet modern language. Learning Mandarin is a life-changing, soul-altering experience and is highly recommended. And it is also A LOT of fun!

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Online classes with a small student group, to ensure that each student gets personalized attention. Classes are based on a fixed schedule.

Online one-on-one sessions for students with busy schedules. Students are welcome to choose number of hours per week and suitable timings. 

Upcoming Classes

Our Journey


  • 17 Beginners-1 Batches
  • 5 Beginners-2 Batches
  • 3 Special Short Batches
  • 2 Intermediate-1 Batches

In Progress

  • 1 Beginners-1 Batch
  • 1 Beginners-2 Batch
  • 1 Intermediate-1 Batch

Coming Up

  • 2 Beginners 1 Batches
  • 2 Beginners 2 Batches
  • 1 Intermediate 1 Batch
  • 1 Intermediate 2 Batch


Features and Mentions


I provide a personalized coaching experience. If you want to attend streamlined and focused classes, with a small group of dedicated learners, these classes are suitable for you. Not only will you have someone to check your reading, speaking and pronunciation, you will also have classmates to practice conversation and play short games with. 

There are many fantastic online courses available, along with free resource websites, and thousands of videos on YouTube and Instagram. I recommend and welcome using all these resources. In fact, after a certain level of proficiency is achieved, I strongly recommend using apps like Italki and HelloTalk. 

My teaching, or coaching, is like sitting in a group with a bunch of friends and having a discussion. But also, rest assured that I will make sure to teach you every concept and drill you on it. 

My fee is commensurate with my qualifications, experience, and immersion. By international standards, it is on the lower side. Many Indian schools offer very low fees, but take 15-20 students at a time. My classes are extremely small and interactive, and more like coaching than traditional teaching. Please pick what suits your learning style. 

I currently only take students that are over 13 years of age. If you want your child to learn Mandarin, I am happy to recommend trainers who coach children.