Beginners 2

Continue your mandarin learning journey with a teacher you love!

Beginners 2 takes you deeper into the language, and teaches you to express yourself with more nuance and finesse. This module will also prepare you for the HSK 2 examination. 

This module takes a minimum of 35 hours of class, along with ample homework and revision, to complete satisfactorily. The topics covered include all the topics in the HSK 2 textbook.

Group classes are restricted to a maximum of 5 students per class. Usual batch size is 3-4. This is necessary to maintain quality and ensure that I can pay personal attention to each student.

I provide all the materials required – audio files, textbooks, workbook, handouts and practice exams.

In case you miss a class, you are welcome to do that class with another batch. You are also welcome to request a recording. 

I will also periodically hold revision sessions, most of which are free of charge.

I DO NOT conduct the HSK test or provide certification. You can sign up for it online. I can help you with this.

The fee for this module is ₹17,500/US$350. Payment in installments is available on request. For smaller class size, the rates are adjusted accordingly.