Beginners 1

Enjoy this fun ride into mandarin, while also preparing for HSK 1!

Beginners 1 takes you through the syllabus for the first level of the Mandarin Chinese diploma.

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (abbreviated to HSK), or the Chinese Level Exam, is a 6 level diploma system that is mandated by and accredited to the Chinese govt. It can be considered equivalent to the CEFR system that is used for European languages.

We will be covering listening, reading, speaking, writing and typing.

Topics covered include basic greetings, asking and questions about oneself, SVO structure, understanding and using modal verbs, talking about family and relationships, learning to tell the date and time, talking about the weather, talking about events in progress, learning the difference between tense and aspect, and learning to highlight specific details about past events.

We will be working with simplified characters.

Module 1 takes a minimum of 25 hours of class, along with ample homework and revision, to complete satisfactorily.

Group classes are restricted to a maximum of 5 students per class. Usual batch size is 3-4. This is necessary to maintain quality and ensure that I can pay personal attention to each student.

I will provide all the materials required – audio files, textbooks, workbook, handouts and practice exams.

In case you miss a class, you are welcome to do that class with another batch. You are also welcome to request a recording. 

I will also periodically hold revision sessions, most of which are free of charge.

I DO NOT conduct the HSK test or provide certification. You can sign up for it online. I can help you with this.

The fee for Module 1 is ₹12,000/US$250. Payment in installments is available on request. For smaller class size, the rates are adjusted accordingly.